Almost every North American railroad has its own unique design. You may specify what your road requires. As you see below we offer many arrangements. The heads are completely assembled with imbedded LEDs, a flush back with thin wires out the bottom and painted, ready for installation on a mast or bridge (see “Bridge Signals” for mounting details). Heads are sold separately so that any number and arrangement may be used on each signal. Up to three heads can be mounted on one mast and up to 11 wires can be threaded down the inside the mast.


Signal Features

  • Rugged brass construction with lost wax castings, injection molded signal heads and 3/32″ brass tubing for the mast. We manufacture single and multi-head signals, bridge signals, dwarfs, brass cantilevered bridge kits, and signal platform kits for double tracks.
  • Design is based on General Railway Signal or Union Switch & Signal Company’s drawings.
  • The signal heads are ready for installation, fully assembled and painted with color-correct LED lamps installed and sealed in place. Thin wires, 14 inches long, extend from the bottom of the signal head and are concealed either inside the mast or run down a bridge support. No fuss soldering wires to LEDs or sealing the LEDs into the sign heads.
  • The signal (assembled or in kit form) will be designed to your specifications as to type of signal, mast height, type of base, style of finial, position of the head on the mast, type of maintenance platform, and of course the style and number of heads.
  • Signals are easy to install on your layout. The 3/32″ mast extends about 1-3/4″ below the base. Merely drill a 3/32″ hole through you roadbed support, drop the signal in place, and connect the wires.
  • The ISS system is designed to prototypically signal diverging routes, passing sidings, and interlocking situations, and will operate similar to the prototype, indicating speed / route.