ISS is continuing to expand our signal lines. We have been assembling a limited amount of O scale signals using our own castings and parts from other manufacturers. If you have a particular signal you would like made, let us know. We may be able to help.


Below are two O scale GRS Type D signals that will be going to Norfolk Southern Signal Training Department. Cool eh?


Anthony4 Anthony1

New signals just added to out line. Interurban (Subway)  line-side signals!

New Home Signal, Intermediate Signal, and Dwarfs Signals. These signals are made from individual parts. We have a Cap, 1, 2, and 3 Aspect bodies, Marker sections, Mast and Ground Bases and other parts to individualize your signals.

Home Signal Proceed

Home Signal Proceed

As shown: $134.95


Intermediate Signal Stop

Intermediate Signal Stop

As Shown: $119.95

2 over S

As Shown: $79.95

3 over S

As Shown: $89.95

O Scale Home Signal with Relay Case

NEW! Relay case available with base.

As shown: $149.95 finished ready to install.


  1. Patrick Hansen

    Hello, I am looking for O scale GRS Type D signals with TWO lights. Do u sell them? I would need abt 6 of them. It will be for my 3 rail layout. Thanks!

    1. Timothy Maslyn


      I have the 3 light type D. I have the files ready to send for 3D printing and new molds but have not had enough interest in the two head. I could cut down the 3 aspect into two as I have done before. Contact me at for more info.

  2. Timothy Maslyn

    The original owner of the company was a C&O modeler, and the C&O had R-Y-G as the top signal. Never thought about it and thanks for bringing it to my attention!