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  1. Joseph Zeller Jr

    Tim, I changed over from DC to DCC . I did buy your DCC Detectors. After I install them, is there anything else I will need before powering up your signal system ? What about the bias voltage that was applied to the DC track for detection ? Does that go away with the old detectors ? Joe

    1. Timothy Maslyn

      Hey Joe, nice to hear from you.

      I would not use my detectors for DCC. They will have a problem with either false detecting or not detecting at all. There is a modification that I can do so that they may work on most layouts, but I will not sell them for new installations. I also am concerned with the DC power crossing over to the DCC power if the IC shorts. I have been successful in converting the detectors for DCC with existing layouts, and I will do yours for $4.00 each. I install a new pot, change the output transistor to a FET, and adjust the gain of the OP-AMP. Clean up the solder pads and return. What I suggest is to install DCC detectors from either NCE, DCC Specialties, or the DCOD’s from C/MRI. I carry all three if you decide to change to a different detector.

      Let me know.


      1. Joe Zeller

        Tim, I worded my question wrong . I don’t mean your DC detectors, I bought a bunch of DCC Specialties detector from you. That is the one in question ! Joe

  2. Dave Shafer

    Will your signal controller work with Digitrax BDL168 detectors? That system has an LED output, so if you need to pull the signal to ground it would not be a direct link. Would an opto-isolator work for this? Any other suggestions?

    1. Timothy Maslyn

      Hi Dave, and sorry for the delayed response.

      The Digitraxx signal system works from a active high, which is opposite the industry standard. My signal drivers need a ground in order to work. You would need a signal inverter in order to use the ISS products. I have inverter board as part of my inventory if you wish to persue the signaling with ISS products. Please contact me at iss@netacc.net for more information.


      1. Dave Shafer

        Thanks Tim. I will e-mail you. I want to keep the signal and DCC system power supplies isolated from each other, so an inverting opto-isolator should do the job. Best regards.