ISS can provide scratch builders with signal parts. Listed below are parts that we offer plus parts that we resell from other manufacturers.

B101 Plastic 3 Color Vertical Head   $1.00 ea.

Plastic 3 Color Vertical

B102 Plastic 2 Color Vertical Head $0.75

Plastic 2 Color Vertical

B103 Brass Small Searchlight Head $1.40

Brass Small Searchlight Head


B105 Brass Short Signal Head Mounting Bracket $0.75 ea.

B105 Short Signal Head Bracket


B105A Brass Long Signal Head Mounting Bracket $0.95 ea.

B105A Long Signal Head Mounting Bracket

B108 Brass Tall Finial $1.95 ea.

B108 Brass Tall Finial

B104 Plastic 3 Color Triangle Head $1.00

Plastic 3 Color Round

B110 Plastic 3 Color Narrow D Head $1.00 ea.

B110 Plastic 3 Color Vertical Narrow

B109 Brass 3 Color Aspect Dwarf $3.25 ea.


B109 Brass 3 Aspect Dwarf

B111 Brass 2 Color Aspect Dwarf $2.95

B111 Brass 2 Aspect Dwarf

B112 Brass Single Relay Cabinet $4.75 ea.

B112 Brass Single Relay Case

B114 Brass Short Service Platform $1.75

B114 Brass Single Service Platform


B115 Plastic Searchlight Head $1.30 ea.

B115 Plastic Searchlight Head

B116 Brass Double Service Platform $2.00 ea.

B116 Double Service Platform

B117 Brass 6″ Ladder Stock $1.50 ea.

B117 Brass Ladder Stock


B118 Brass Pennsylvania Upper Quadrant Head $3.95

Brass PRR Upper Quadrent

B119 Plastic B&O Head $ 2.10 ea.

Plastic B&O

B120 Brass Short Finial $1.60 ea.

B120 Brass Short Finial


B121 Brass Platform Flanged Base $2.45 ea.

B121 Brass Flanged Platform Base

B123 Brass B&O/NYC Marker Light/Searchlight

B123 Brass B&O Marker_NYC Searchlight


B125 Brass Mast Signal  Flange Base $2.95 ea.

B125 Brass Flanged Base (Mast Base)


B126 Brass Bridge Mast Signal Base $2.45 ea.

B127 Brass Searchlight Dwarf $2.95 ea.

B127 Brass Searchlight Dwarf

B128 Brass PRR Left Curved Dwarf $3.25 ea.

B128 Brass Pennsy Leftt Curved Dwarf

B147 Brass PRR Right Curve Dwarf $2.95 ea.

B147 Brass Pennsy Right Curved Dwarf

B129 Brass B&O Dwarf $3.50 ea.

B129 Brass B&O Dwarf

B130 Brass B&O Upper Marker Light $1.50

B130 Brass B&O Upper Marker Light

B131 Brass UP Sunbonnet Head $2.95 ea.

Brass Hooded 3 Color Vertical

B134 Brass PRR Lower Quadrant Head $3.95

Brass PRR Lower Quadrent

B142 Brass Double Searchlight Dwarf. $5.00 ea.

B148 Brass N Scale Signal Mast Base w/Round Base $3.50 ea.

B149 Brass Signal Mast Base w/Junction Box $2.95 ea.

B149 Brass Mast Base with Junction Box

B152 Brass N Scale Searchlight Head $3.25 ea,