This module detects the presence of a train and sends a signal to the Signal Controller. In addition to informing the signal controller that the block is occupied, the detector can be used to illuminate an LED on your panel board to show occupancy.

It operates on principle of detecting a minute flow of current between the rails and will detect a loco or illuminated car, marker lights on a caboose, or conductive paint across axles. To protect the rear of a train, it is necessary to have a device in the rear car that allows a small amount of current to flow between the rails.

This detector performs well with a conventional throttle (even when the power is off) or with Command Control systems such as CTC-16, PMP-112, Dynatrol, and Keller Engineering’s “On Board”.

The detector will perform equally well on HO, N, and Z scales and also may be used with O scale if we substitute two larger diodes ($1.00 added cost).

Its printed circuit construction with industrial grade electronic components is robust enough that there have been no failures in 10+ years of use.

The detector requires a +12 volt filtered DC isolated power supply one detector is required for each block.

Detectors are available assembled or in kit form, and if more than one kit is ordered, we will assemble one free to use as a model along with our detailed assembly instructions.